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Affordable Living for B.C. as per 2022 Economic Plan

What does the government of British Columbia (BC) have in store? Read about The StrongerBC Economic plan, full copy can be found here.

BC has long been a popular destination for immigrants, workers, students and visitors, and we can’t blame them. BC is known for its temperate climate (in comparison to other Canadian provinces) and its main city Vancouver, a melting pot of hundreds of nationalities. BC is also known for its beautiful landscapes.

The Provincial Government is committed to come back strong and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and has created The StrongerBC Economic Plan, a long-term plan to grow BC’s economy by tackling today’s challenges and make life better for individuals and families.

Engagement sessions were held on topics such as: Affordable Housing, Climate Emergency, Health Care, Closing the Digital Divide, Immigration, Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, Child Care, Skilled Workforce, Environmental & Social Standards, Modernized Value-Added Natural Resources.

The biggest impact to families (and what we are personally excited for) are the following key actions outlined:


  • Keeping people safe as we navigate through and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Cutting ICBC (vehicle insurance) rates, eliminating MSP (Medical Services Plan) premiums, free bus travel for children, eliminating interest on student loans, and taxing housing speculators.
  • Expanding quality affordable child care.
  • Creating thousands of new spaces at our universities, colleges and institutes, expanding co-op programs and graduate student scholarships.
  • Supporting workers and rural communities transition into new industries.
  • Increasing income and disability assistance, doubling of the senior’s supplement and supporting vulnerable families.
  • Increasing the minimum wage and closing the gender pay gap.
  • Delivering on a Pathway to Hope, a roadmap for making mental health and addictions care better for people.
  • Introducing new anti-racism data legislation that will pave the way for fair and better services.

As a BC-based immigration firm, we are very much excited for these changes that have been implemented and will continue to be rolled out in the next few years.

We highly recommend immigrating to BC and there are many immigration pathways to get here depending on your profile. Get assessed for free to know if you are eligible or not to immigrate to Canada.