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Am I too old to immigrate to Canada?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked as an immigration consultant. Before I answer the question, I’d like to establish that Canada is one of the few countries left that remains open to foreigners – as a student, tourist, refugee, worker, or immigrant. This post focuses more on the immigrant status.

We’ve had many clients who are interested in immigrating to Canada but put their plans on hold because they’re still “busy” with other things.

This is really a big mistake from an immigration perspective. Immigrating to Canada is a “numbers” as well as a “qualifications” game. The truth is, Canada’s immigration policies are centered on admitting individuals that are younger, educated, skilled, and are good English or French speakers.

Canada is a great and beautiful country and if you are planning to immigrate, DO NOT DELAY. The older a person is, the less immigration streams there are available. If you have life plans, just lodge your application with us and we’ll take care of it. Bear in mind that immigration applications take time (around 6 months to 1 year) so it’s better to start now and have something to look forward to, rather than prolong it and regret it in the end.