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Student & Study Visa in Canada

Studying in Canada offers many advantages and benefits including the opportunity to work and to apply for permanent residency after completing your studies. At MVC, we help you find the right program or course, college or university and prepare your student visa application for you and your family. Because we are an immigration firm based in Canada, we can easily assist you with your immigration concerns, should your circumstances change while you are in the country and guide you all the way to your application for permanent residency.

Program Advantages

Attain a world-class education recognized globally;

Access to the Canadian health care system

Your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children can accompany you while you study

Your spouse or common-law partner can work full time with no restrictions under the Spousal Open Work Permit Program

Free schooling for your dependents up to Grade 12

Opportunity to earn - those who study in a full-time program are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during school breaks in between semesters;

Opportunity to work in the Canadian job market - enable you to connect with potential employers;

Opportunity to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit - for those who completed studies under designated learning institutions; and,

Opportunity to apply for permanent residency as part of the Canadian Experience Class Program.

Minimum Program Requirements

Prospective students must provide proof of their intention to study and that they will return to their home country once they complete their studies;

An acceptance letter from a designated learning institution; and,

Provide proof of financial capacity that covers both tuition and living expenses.

It depends on the country where the international student is applying from. Due to COVID-19, processing times are longer.

There are many factors to consider: the time it takes to prepare the international student’s requirements from their home country, requirements needed by the school or university, and the Canadian government’s processing time for the Student Visa. Due to the processing times by the Canadian government, we advise our clients to start the process as soon as possible to prepare well in advance.

Yes. Your spouse or common-law can and eligible dependents can accompany you while you study. We prepare the visas for all members of your family.

This program is open to all Canadian provinces except Quebec. We provide you with a list of all the accredited colleges and universities depending on the province you are interested in. Not all colleges and univerisites are accredited for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program once the international student completes his or her studies.

You have the option to study for a certificate, diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or PhD. We advise our clients to study at least a one-year course or program which would depend on the international student’s age, education, and work experience. Education is an investment that will help you find a job or start your own business in the future – at the minimum, it should be related to the international student’s past education or work experience.

This depends on the school or university. We have partnered with schools who do not  require proof of English skills depending on the international student’s country of origin.

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