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Top 3 Mistakes in Canadian Immigration

Thinking about immigrating to Canada but don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up the top 3 mistakes in Canadian immigration that we’ve encountered in our practice throughout the years.

Mistake 1: Taking your time

We understand that moving to a new country can be a daunting experience and some prolong in starting the immigration process and provide lots of excuses. We hear “I’m busy with work,” or “I’m waiting for the right time” quite often. What few people don’t understand is that with age, your eligibility diminishes. To immigrate as a permanent resident directly, those between 20 to 35 years old have higher points since they are considered to be in “good working ages.” The older you are, the lesser points you have, and this means, you will need to improve your profile by increasing your points in some other areas like through your education, work experience, or English level.

Immigration processes also take time, depending on the program. Even before your application is filed, gathering the requirements takes time, you might need to do some exams (depending on your situation), plus processing times of the Canadian government need to be taken into consideration. By delaying, you will just lose out on opportunities.

Take the first step of getting assessed by us and start planning for the long term. Immigration is an investment for generations to come and we know you’ll thank your future self that you did it. After all, Canada is a country of immigrants and there’s no reason why you won’t thrive just like the millions of others before you.

Mistake 2: Hiring non-ICCRC accredited immigration agencies

Immigration is not about filling up forms. We’ve had clients come to us to “fix” the mistakes their previous agency did on their application. Some families have been separated just because some immigration agencies are not knowledgeable enough or don’t have enough experience in understanding Canada’s immigration policies and procedures (that are also constantly changing). Every applicant’s situation is different and by hiring the services of licensed and regulated immigration consultants, we can maximize your chances of success. A mistake in your application can cause you a refusal or worse, inadmissibility to Canada. We really don’t want that happening to anyone.

Mistake 3: Thinking Express Entry is the only way

Express Entry is a program that allows one to immigrate directly as a permanent resident but unfortunately not everyone can qualify for this and in the past couple of years, the points requirements have gotten higher. Everyone’s profile and life circumstances are different and there are certainly other immigration programs out there that we can utilize for you, depending on the Province and on your profile. The benefit of working with us is that we are familiar with the different programs out there and once we assess your profile, we build your immigration plan that will allow you to land in Canada and take you all the way to your Canadian citizenship application.

Getting assessed is the first step, fill out our Assessment Form and our team will get in touch with you on the next steps.