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The Most Underrated Immigration Pathway Explained

As Canada is home to some of the best universities, colleges, and other learning institutions, it is one of the top destinations for studies abroad. Besides acquiring an education, studying here can open up several opportunities for you in the form of work, a better lifestyle, and permanent residence. That’s right! Applying for a student visa to study in Canada can lead to immigration as a permanent resident and opens many more doors for you while you are in Canada.

From a permanent immigration perspective, a Canadian-educated foreign national is a very desirable candidate for permanent residency. The reason for this is the government understands that these international students have been exposed to the Canadian school system, culture, and would easily assimilate into the Canadian lifestyle and society.

Similarly, students are allowed to work part-time for up to twenty hours per week during school semesters and full-time during breaks between semesters. That means if you get a job, your potential to be a permanent Canadian resident increases as you hold a higher potential to contribute to the country’s economy and its industries.

Who can apply for a Canadian study visa?
A Canadian study visa is ideal for young students, professionals, and middle-aged individuals seeking higher levels of education. This, along with Canadian work experience, can boost your eligibility profile for permanent residence. Thus, applying for a student visa is almost like an investment in your future with significant returns.

To make the most of this immigration program, you need to plan your goals and thoroughly prepare to accomplish them. You can start the process of acquiring a study permit by filling up the Assessment Form here to see if you are eligible for this visa. If you are, you’ll need to arrange for funds to finance your visa. The cost of study visas generally depends on the school and the Canadian Province you choose to go to.

If you need assistance with choosing a reputable educational institution, MVC Immigration Consulting will provide you with a list of accredited colleges and universities that will fit your budget and needs. We will also guide you through the different steps you need to take to achieve your immigration goals and educate you on the best action plan during the course of your education in Canada.

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