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Spousal Open Work Permit Program Canada

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For students that are married or in a common-law relationship, the spousal open work permit allows the spouse of the student to accompany them and work while they are studying full time or working under a post-graduation work permit.

Program Advantages

The biggest advantage is that it allows the spouse to work in Canada and gain valuable Canadian work experience that may lead to permanent residency;

Allows the spouse to work and earn in Canada without any limitations on hours or ties to a specific employer.

Minimum Requirements for Spouses

Their spouse or partner must hold a valid study permit;

Their spouse or partner must be a full-time student;

Their spouse or partner must be studying at designated learning institution that offers post-graduation work permit;

If the Applicant wishes to accompany someone who is working in Canada with a post-graduation work permit:

Their spouse or partner must be on a valid work permit; and,

Their spouse or partner must be working in a skilled position

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