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Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Program

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The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is an immigration program that is intended for those who have acquired skilled work experience in Canada for at least one year. This immigration stream leads to permanent residency and is ideal for temporary foreign workers and international students that have completed qualifying work experience in Canada for at least one year. Because these individuals have been exposed to the Canadian job market and have started on their careers, they are considered ideal candidates for Canadian permanent residency.

Note: International students that completed their studies in Canada are able to gain Canadian work experience due to the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program.

CEC Highlights

Applications through this immigration stream are processed via the Express Entry system.

An Express Entry profile is created for the applicant and the applicant will be ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS is a points-based system used by the Canadian government to assess and rank the applicants based on skills and experience.

Only the highest-ranking candidates will receive the Invitation to Apply.

The completed application will be submitted - spouse and dependents will be included in the application.

The application will be reviewed - processing times differ depending on where the application is submitted.

The permanent resident visa will be released.

Program Advantages

Permanent Residency

Opportunity for Canadian Citizenship

Program Requirements

Education (diploma, degree, or higher) an advantage but not a must (either completed in Canada or otherwise);

Full time work experience: with a minimum of 1,560 hours (or one year) of work experience in a skilled position;

Part-time work experience: with a minimum of 1,560 hours of work experience in a skilled position* completed within two years; and, Meet the required English language levels.

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*Skilled positions include managerial jobs (skill level 0) professional jobs (skill type A) technical jobs and skilled trades (skill type B) as per the Canadian National Occupational Classification.

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