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Canada remains to be one of the few countries left in the world that has set up various immigration programs to ensure the long-term economic success of the country. Both the federal and provincial governments constantly update their requirements and currently there are around 80 immigration programs available depending on the province.

To immigrate to Canada directly as a permanent resident is the most ideal pathway and offers all the benefits of being a Canadian citizen, except the ability to vote. After having lived in Canada for only 3 out 5 years (one of the fastest in the world), you will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship and enjoy all the perks of having a Canadian passport and becoming a Canadian citizen. To find out more on why Canada is a great place to live in, please click this link.

Over the years, the requirements for the immigration programs under the Express Entry system have increased. The Canadian Government assesses the applicant and ranks, through a points system, the following components: age, educational attainment (both in home country and in Canada), work experience (both in home country and in Canada), English and/or French communication level, ties to Canada (directly relatives only), if applicant has a Canadian employer to support their application, and for some provinces, the sincere intent to build a life in that particular province, among other components.

At MVC Immigration Consulting, our goal is to bring you and your family to Canada and take you all the way to your citizenship. We will evaluate your current profile and qualifications and determine which immigration program you will have the highest chances of success in, in order for your to immigrate. The timelines will depend on the applicant's profile but rest assured that we will be able to guide you every step of the way and once you're in Canada, there will be many opportunities for you to fast-track your immigration process.

We are experts on how the Canadian Government will assess your eligibility and we will provide you your actual and current points and what is the minimum points needed under the Express Entry system. If you are missing some points, we will provide you with strategic advice on how to improve your profile as well as the best time to file your application depending on your goals and individual circumstances.

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